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Optimise Media


Optimise Media is one of the leading multinational performance-marketing companies that helps to leverage sales effort for companies. It develops intelligent performance-based online advertising and game-changing technology as its core strength that helps to generate sales amount more than $1billion for global brands.

The big data in digital era lets clients dive deeper and receive better actionable insights than they can get anywhere else. Optimise Media also works together with global network of publishers to support and assist to get clients set up in the affiliate marketing world.


Optimise Media offers affiliate network product where its affiliates that span every major industry sectors promote its clients’ product via online and earning a commission for every sales generated. It is one of the best cost-strategies for brands to advertise, since clients only pay whenever results are confirmed, therefore no unnecessary costs will be wasted.

This affiliate marketing product also helps to broaden the marketing effort, reach wider and target accurately valuable prospects who are actively looking to use clients’ products or services.

How Affiliate Marketing Works.
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The Challenge

Optimise Media had several local clients who were looking to boost sales via user and merchant acquisition across cities in Indonesia. In an effort to help get access to tons of engaged customers, Optimise Media was looking for an affiliate who had established well-developed local network that could boost its clients’ sales.

This affiliate must have the ability to reach the new users for the clients’ platforms, services or products and get the new partnership to expand its business operation through network optimization. As a leading multinational performance-marketing company, the affiliate must match with several criterias and reliable enough to achieve the desired target for advertisers.

How NusaTalent Help

SideJobs Helped to Optimize in Finding Users for Our Clients

Since early 2020, almost 40,000 users have registered and successfully verified as legitimate agents on SideJobs by NusaTalent. As a crowd agent platform for freelance jobs, SideJobs by NusaTalent offers some jobs that do not require to commit to a particular employer long-term contract.

Currently, SideJobs has 6 job categories such as Filling Out Questionnaire, Reviewing Apps, Social Media Promotion, Being a Surveyor, User Acquisition, Merchant Acquisition. In exchange, they can earn a few cash by doing the particular tasks according to the clients’ requirements.

Optimise Media was handling two clients, OLX Autos and HaloDoc for user acquisition. It was looking for an affiliate who have mass of tech-savvy customers to undertake the tasks. SideJobs by NusaTalent is the perfect partner for this job, because many of its users consist of millennial generation who are familiar with technology and able to perform several simple tasks that involve applications on the smartphone.

SideJobs by NusaTalent helped to acquire someone who were selling cars and persuaded them to advertise on OLX Autos application and got free consulation from the doctor on Halodoc website.

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