Case Study

PT. Indomarco Prismatama


PT. Indomarco Prismatama is one of the most leading Indonesian retail convenience stores owned by Salim Group. From November 1988 until now, Indomaret has successfully expanded its outlets in residential areas at Jakarta, Sumatra (except West Sumatra), Java, Madura, Bali, Lombok, Kalimantan and Sulawesi island.

Indomaret has a motto to be simple and frugal. Besides stocking a range of widely known Fast Moving Consumer Goods products, Indomaret also aims to stock a variety of small-medium enterprises product to allow local goods and brands to thrive.


Convenience stores in Indonesia are playing important role in helping to reduce unemployment rate especially among youngsters. One outlet can hire around 4 to 8 employees depending on the size of the outlet. During the past few years, the exponential economy growth in Indonesia results in the expansion of Indomaret outlets throughout province.

Moreover, the shift of consumer behavior of middle class people in big cities in Indonesia also boosts the demand of shopping in modern convenience store which is cleaner, nearer, orderly and providing friendly service. Therefore, the company requires vast amount of talents to fulfill roles in each outlets.

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The Challenge

PT. Indomarco Prismatama were opening 20 different positions for fresh graduates with each positions hire more than 10 employees to fulfill its human resources at various places. Therefore, recruiter team of Indomaret was seeking for a well-known job platform that had established connection with universities that produced many competent candidates who were ambitious, skillful and hard worker.

By using NusaTalent job platform, the team successfully received nearly 3700 candidates within two months.

Those positions are social media admin, picker/helper warehouse, trainer, mechanic, machine technician, finance, supervisor trainee, drafter, Mr. Donut crew, production operator, cook, IT support, ST project, BMT technician, shop leader, HR recruitment, general admin and quality assurance (QA).

How NusaTalent Help

Recruitment has Become a Regular Activity for Retail Business

This industry is highly dependent on consumer buying power, population growth and needs to fulfill the consumption of people. Growth of these factors translates into the growth of convenience store throughout Indonesia. Therefore, recruitment becomes a vital role to fulfill the demand of human resource in every outlets. In fact, there is no recruitment season in this industry since open positions are available on each days.

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Select candidates with advanced AI-based assessment

Managing those numbers of candidates were not without any difficulties. Selecting the right candidate among many of them were extremely time-consuming, but luckily AI-based candidate assessment helped recruiter team to filter candidates that matched their requirements more effectively.

To further narrow-down the candidates, recruiter team simply paid attention to the highest rating among applicants. Having this supporting rating point, it was easy for the recruiter team to find the desired one by using the filter system based on age, education level, gender, job function and years of experience. As the result, out of hundred applicants, team only needed to select among 30 applicants to fulfill the particular role.

Sorting Easier through Standardized Resume

NusaTalent offered a distinctive advantage for both recruiter and applicant by creating a standardized resume. Resume with random template from various applicants hindered recruiter team to analyze them quickly.  In this case, standardized resume provided extra help for recruiter team to quickly analyze their education, working experience, language and skills.

NusaTalent Standardized Resume

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