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PT. Say Grow


PT. Say Grow Indonesia is a startup company that engages in integrated fisheries fundraising platform. Founded in 2017, Growpal answered the challenge of helping fisheries business owners and farmers who have expertise in aquaculture but do not have sufficient access to capital in running a business to collaboratively access capital from investors who are eager to invest in the field of fisheries agribusiness.

In the future, as a pioneer of the digital-based fisheries funding company, Growpal plans to be responsible for connecting all fisheries chains that can involve more communities to build a better fisheries revolution. The development of aquaculture technology in all integrated aspects is expected to accelerate food production and economic growth in Indonesia, at the same time, provide investment profitability for lenders.


Aquaculture is about cultivating, rearing and raising fish, shellfish, shrimp, algae and other aquatic organisms. As one of the vast growing startups that engages in the development of aquaculture sector in Indonesia, Growpal needs employees with right capabilities and skills at an accelerated rate to support its tremendous business growth.

Finding them was a challenging task, yet intriguing since Growpal wanted to employ candidates who also matched with company’s vision and mission specifically those who want to connect and develop every fishery supply chain that involves more fisher farmers to initiate the revolution of aquaculture in Indonesia.

Shrimp ponds as an example of aquaculture.
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The Challenge

As a startup, it is a challenging task to find out where to find great candidates while also measure a number of factors that give impact to hiring costs. This includes the branding effort to make candidates think of this company as an employer of choice and gain the trust of job seekers to encourage them to apply.

During covid-19 pandemic, all business operations were affected, including the recruitment process, as the result, Growpal unable to hire new employees effectively. Social distancing issued by government prevented any offline events including job fair event. Work from Home campaign also forced company to do all recruitment process at home, despite of meeting with candidates face to face could give better understanding about themselves.

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How NusaTalent Help

Maximize Startup Recruitment Efforts

It is crucial to create candidate personas in order to identify the skill requirements, knowledge and geographical location to bring candidates in the door. By doing so, a recruitment marketing strategy can be implemented successfully in the competitive job market.

NusaTalent as a career portal that provides fresh graduate students an opportunity to work for a company who is also looking for passionate and team player candidates, is the right third-party platform choice for recruiters to maximize their recruitment efforts.

NusaTalent supports many startup companies to connect with candidates that meet the specific candidate personas. Growpal initially hired several full-time employees who could balance multiple duties and eager to learn. NusaTalent helped Growpal to provide the exact criterias that they were looking for.

Connect Employer with Job Seekers using an Online Job Fair

Growpal found out an innovative solution from NusaTalent by conducting an online job fair in which companies could hire and did social distancing at the same time. Due to the huge trend of online event, a lot of candidates joined the online job fair, and recruitment team successfully hired a lot of candidates for several positions.

The most important thing was the reliability of online job fair, since Growpal only required to post all job vacancies and waited until the online job fair finish. Those job vacancies appeared directly in NusaTalent application and could be access by everyone who registered NusaTalent account.

Each online job fairs that Growpal joined, they always got new promising and enthusiastic candidates, and this has translated into the vast choice of candidates that recruiter team could choose.

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